Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet Pictures

It is the end of 2008 and here are a few more fun and sweet pictures of Logan.

I love going for rides in my stroller.

Christmas with Friends

Every year Mommy and her friends Mrs Stacey and Mrs Edie would get together for Christmas to bake cookies and celebrate Christmas. The group has grown by just a few since they were in high school.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

A Jump Castle...

Christmas in Columbia on Gillcreek Road...

More Presents....

Wa Wa helped "P"ops with his special gift from AT.

Wa Wa's gift to his Mommy.

Jackson had a blast.

My favorite part......the gift wrap.

Wa Wa helped Daddy put Mommy's Christmas gift together.

Daddy knew just what to give Mommy for Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent all together at Ya Ya and Wa Wa's house. It was a big slumber party.

Special gifts from Uda and Ash.

Books to read on Christmas Eve.

It was a beautiful morning, so we went for a wagon ride.

Wa Wa thought I needed stockings on my feet.

Everyone had so much fun playing with Wa Wa's train set!

This is so much FUN!
Pops read "Twas the Night before Christmas" to Wa Wa and me.
Then Wa Wa got to talk to Santa Claus on the phone.

It sure is going to be tough to sleep with all of the excitement going on.

Merry Christmas from The Taylors!

A very Merry Christmas to All!

Ya Ya's 40th Birthday


Ya Ya had no idea that there was going to be a big surprise with so many friends at her house. I went with Ya Ya as she walked around and hugged all of her special friends.

Jackson got to meet my friend Isa.

Finally.....time to blow out the candles.

A very special occassion to all be together.